Capital Projects

Protecting property value through capital improvements is important to our clients. Whether you are planning an interior renovation or exterior upgrade, we can manage the project from start to finish. We have an acute understanding of the challenges associated with carrying out common area upgrades in occupied buildings. Maintaining building security and ensuring the safety of building staff and residents throughout the duration of the project is paramount. We pride ourself on our ability to circumvent these challenges, and have an exceptional track record for completing capital projects with minimal disruption to daily operations.

Through our extensive experience, we have developed a keen ability to anticipate potential complications at the onset of a project. This allows us to build any associated costs into our initial estimates, and mitigate unexpected expenses for our client during construction phase of a project.

Our team will take care of obtaining necessary permits, sourcing materials and managing trades. We can help you take advantage of potential savings through energy and water efficiency upgrades.  Any improvement that you are looking to make to your building assets, we have the expertise and resources to help you to achieve your vision within the budget and timeframe you require.