Suite Turnovers

Staying fresh and current on the latest trends in interior space and design is a specialty of ours. We are experts in suite turnovers, and understand the delicate nature of carrying out projects in occupied buildings with tight turnaround times.  We also understand the tight margins associated with suite turnovers. Our constant management of our sub-trades has allowed us to achieve unprecedented success working within these constraints. Our client-centred approach allows for greater flexibility and responsiveness when completing turnovers. You can depend on us to adopt your processes, quickly adapt to unforeseen circumstances and work within your timelines.

Maintaining a safe and secure environment for residents and building staff while completing a project is our top priority. Our project managers have extensive experience completing suite renovations and upgrades in retirement homes, long term care, assisted care and other niche markets.  The unique needs of each building are taken into consideration when developing project schedules and site procedures. We work closely with building staff to minimize any disruption to residents. Keeping a close eye on schedules, we oversee each step of the process, limit the duration of vacancies, and ensure a quality suite is ready for the next resident.